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Illustration Now! Vol. 2

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“Stuff I learned from Video Games” by Chris G (aka paperbeatscissors on DeviantArt)

Our parents might have kept telling us that video games are violent and although that is true, one particular artist has a different opinion. Artist Chris G. (also known as paperbeatsscissors) created a collection of video-game inspired illustrations that gave the gaming geek a life lesson and surprisingly they are very true if you recall playing these video games.

Games like Mario, Pokemon, Sonic, etc and though we never thought Mario the Italian plumber had a moral lesson to teach us, he apparently does. Anyway, onto the actual illustrations, all I can say is that they are drop down gorgeous, very simple and ridiculously cute, I almost like them more than the originals and that does not come easy.

Each of the characters has a great resemblance of the original but has a different art style one which I wish I could do the same. For more interesting art from Chris, check out his DeviantART gallery.

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Cohen, Steinman and Ryan by Lenka Simeckova 

Deviant Art | Blogspot

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Gaming Art

Created by Espen Sætervik

deviantART | Twitter

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Demon Hunter Diablo 3 by *Shiramune

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Alduin’s Wall. Constructed in the Bethesda offices to commemorate Adam Adamowicz, who was the lead artist for Skyrim and the Fallout games, and sadly died earlier this year. What an incredible way to honour someone. Well played Bethesda.

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Bioshock Main Ones - Kurko Boltsi

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Rel’s priest from Tera
hbd bby! c:


Rel’s priest from Tera

hbd bby! c:

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